Protect Your Bike From Theft

Protect Your Bike From Theft

Motorbikes are a great blessing of technology. These are economical, affordable and easy to maintain vehicles. We can travel to distant places using motorbikes. These vehicles provide this facility to us that we can travel even in narrow streets at fast speeds. The fuel consumption per kilometre of motorbikes is low as compared to Car. But the motorbikes are not capable to replace Cars. The main reason behind this is that motorbikes are open vehicles. Which means that we have no protection from weather while riding motorbikes. If we want to get protection from harsh weather, then motorbikes are not the correct option for us.

Protect Your Bike From Theft
Protect Your Bike From Theft

Usually middle income people own motorbikes. These are those people who have fewer savings and more spending. This statement may not be true in many countries but at large motorbikes are considered as a precious vehicle. Motorbike-owners seriously take the issue of protection of their vehicles from theft. If you also are a motorbike owner, then these advises will contribute in your knowledge for protecting your motorbike from theft.

Properly Lock Your Motorbike

Most of the bikes are theft because their owners do not properly secure them. You should buy a good quality lock for the safety of your bike. You should always lock your bike when you feel it is unsafe. The best places to lock your bike are its wheels and handle. You can freeze the handle using a lock. Similarly you can lock your wheels with static frame of the bike using a lock.

Protect Your Bike From Theft
Protect Your Bike From Theft

Never Let Your Bike Alone

If you live in a busy place then you should be extra careful about your bike when you park it outside. The busy places are likely to have thieves because it is easy for thieves to work here. Even if you have locked your bike still you should not keep your bike alone for a long time at busy places. If you do not have a different option from this then you should arrange for keeping a look at your bike in regular intervals.

Keep Bike Documents At Safe Places

The documents of your bike are as essential for you as is your bike. You can bring your bike on road only when you have proper documents of your bike. The registered bikes have registration papers and snaps. These documents should be kept at safe places. You can prove your ownership of the vehicle only by the use of these documents. If your bike is theft then these documents will help you to relocate your bike promptly and easily.

Bike Is Expensive, Consult Bike Insurance Agent

If your bike is expensive then you have to take extra care for its protection from theft. Such bikes are a prime attraction for thieves. You should consult bike Insurance agents for the safety of your bike. He will give you tips about the instruments what can secure your bike in the best way.

1. Cover your bike with a cover or keep it inside.

It’s less likely that your bike will be stolen if it can’t easily be found. This sounds quite logical, right? It is much more difficult to get to your bike if you keep it in a garage with locked doors.

If you must keep your bike outside, it is best to cover it. It’s also a good idea to use a cover that doesn’t shout that your motorcycle is awesome. Also, make sure you use aLow-Key CoverThat doesn’t attract undue notice.

Your neighbors and anyone else who knows your location will likely know the type of motorcycle you own. While this is a great tip, it’s not the best.

My personal storyThis was the situation I found myself in recently. It wasn’t with a bike, but with my brand new bicycle. My building has a bike room, but the door was not locked. Around midnight, someone entered and tried to open the windows to let the bicycle out faster. They were unable to open the window fast enough and heard a loud bang that made them flee for their lives.

I secured my bike with a strong chain. I noticed marks on my chain after the event. It was evidently a thief that noticed I had a new bike, and thought he deserved it better than you.
It’s not possible to conceal the fact that you own a great bike or motorcycle from the locals. You should therefore implement the following safety measures.

2. Park in safe areas

It’s best not to park away from your home in darkened areas with lots of traffic. Avoid parking in dark alleyways or near gathering areas for gangs or suspicious groups. If you are allowed, lock your bike to a sturdy object or another bike.

3. Set up booby traps

You don’t need to make it a serious trap. It’s actually better to have it not, as you might be sued if someone is hurt. Even something as simple as glass bottles or a tripwire can make a lot of noise, and alert you and others nearby to any potential damage to your bike.

4. Motorcycle security alarm system

There are many alarms for motorcycles. These alarms don’t only make an annoying sound when someone is causing damage to your bike. If someone messes up your bike, they will send you a warning signal via your remote controller. You can then manually activate the flashing and beeping lights. You can also turn off the power supply by using an anti-hijacking function.

The BlueFire Motorbike Security KitIt has all these features, and is a top seller on Amazon. It’s also less than $20 If you don’t already have an alarm system similar to this, I recommend that you check it out.

5. Use a motorcycle griplock

A grip lock prevents anyone from touching your handlebars on your motorcycle. You can also carry it in your pocket, or carry it with you everywhere you go.

It takes only a few seconds to put it on. This is a great option for bikers because it’s easy, inexpensive, and highly effective.

The most popular motorcycle grip lockThe universal fit is for all two-wheelers with grips up to 1.5 inches (38cm) and can be purchased from Amazon. It can be used to secure grip on an ATV.

6. Make your bike immovable

The thief will not be able to touch the throttle, throttle, throttle or handlebar if you follow the above tip. This is a very effective way to stop bad guys from taking your bike for a ride.

What about those who are patient and can transport your Harley in their van to enjoy it later? This second scenario is unlikely to occur so make sure you use a lock that makes your bike immovable.

This is why the best security device for this purpose would be theClub UTL800 Utility Lock. Its steel construction is extremely strong and virtually indestructible. It is large enough to pull the frame, forks and wheel. It can be used to attach similar vehicles, such as ATVs or bicycles.

The Kryptonite Chain

This lock can be used to attach the motorcycle to any heavy object attached to the ground, a building or to a pole. But, keep in mind that the distance can often be too great. Use a lock to ensure that your bike can be locked anywhere you go.Heavy Duty Security CableTo increase its range, you can also use the utility lock. Even if your bike is stored indoors, I recommend locking it.

The alternative is powerful: Kryptonite Necklace. This is a thick steel chain that has a protective nylon cover, steel deadbolt, double deadbolt, and crossbar. Advanced anti-drilling and anti-pull protection systems are included in the disk-shaped cylinder.

This is the best stuff. The only problem is the length. There are two lengths to choose from, the 39” or 60”. The 60” is my preference because it is more convenient.

Tragic personal storyIn high school, I made the stupid mistake of locking my bicycle (bicycle), to a short pole. The thieves then simply pulled the cable from the pole. It was one of my most embarrassing mistakes. You should make sure that the lock/cable is secured to a sturdy object. Otherwise, it will not work unless you happen upon a lazy thief who has daydreamed of becoming a criminal.

7. Install a kill switch

A kill-switch, or spring-loaded switch can be wired up. This must be held down while the start button is pressed. This can confuse thieves as many don’t know it.

This is a more difficult method. However, here’s a video tutorial on how you can install a kill switch . Another option is to simply remove the main fuse when you park the bike.

These methods can be used to lift your bike up onto a van or truck. To prevent this, you will need a U lock.

8. Watch the mirrors

I still have a cool quote from Tony Soprano… He was told by the FBI that they might have been following him for a while. “No, my entire life is in the rearview mirror.”

Although I don’t expect regular riders to be as dedicated, you should still be aware of the surrounding environment. Motorcycle thefts are common when a particular model is sought on the black market. The rider will be followed by thieves to his house, work, or school.

You should not let someone follow you for too long.You don’t need to do a Liam Neeson chase scene. However, it can be fun to make a few odd or illogical turns.

Better yet, park somewhere it will be obvious they are following you. You’ll be able to tell if they are following you by simply letting them continue driving. If they do this, get back on your bike and try to shake them off.

They won’t likely follow you back because it would be too obvious and because no thief wants his identity (or registration number) to be revealed as easily as possible.

9. Secure your motorcycle helmet

A helmet lock is a great way to protect it from theft. Helmet locks are small so they can be carried easily in your pocket, on your bike, or in a backpack.

The helmet lock is very popular.Carabiner-style Helmetlok 4101. It is made of thick, rubberized steel and has a 4 digit programming mechanism.