Honda’s Newest Offers For This Year

Honda’s New Offer For This Year

Since Toyota is offering many exciting incentives, Honda is also seen to offer something in its favor on the hand. Though low incentives of Honda are a good point to consider and that its resale value isn’t much affected by it. But still the 0% Car Loan incentives and higher cost leases gives priority to Toyota’s shopping. On the other hand, Toyota’s low incentives do affect its resale value.

Honda’s New Offer For This Month
Honda’s New Offer For This Month

Anyhow the good part for all those who qualify for the Honda Graduate Program, the 2010 Honda Accord Coupe and SedanRidgelineCivic, Insight and Accord Cross tour are on sale with 0.9% financing incentives this month for all of them. In addition the Honda Company is offering some low interest Loan incentives although there are no 0% interest Car Loan incentives on Honda.

TO all qualifying buyers with 1.9% financing on 36-month loans, along all these models Odyssey and Pilot are also available.

The Pilot available at $309 a month on a 36-month lease is the best lease deal Honda is offering this month.

Now compare the Prius’ $149 a month lease incentive with the Insight hybrid sedan available at $189 per month lease for three years, it is quite obvious that Toyota will be the first option for all.

Honda Overview

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, and is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and internal combustion engines. Honda has built its name on reliability, while also providing great fuel economy, practicality, a healthy dose of sportiness, and a competitive feature set. For these reasons, Hondas are a hit with customers and critics alike. In 1986 Honda started the upscale Acura offshoot, thus becoming the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to develop a dedicated luxury brand. Honda continues to hone its craft, making each successful generation of its cars safer and more user-friendly. In recent years, the brand extended its model range, introducing different-sized SUVs, a pickup truck, hybrids, and electrics.


The 2022 Honda Civic is on sale, boasting a full redesign with styling akin to the larger Accord and a completely new interior. The sedan is arriving first but will be followed by an all-new hatchback and Civic Si. Honda discontinued the 2-door Civic coupe for 2021.

Expect to see the best deals on remaining 2021 Civic inventory. You can generally count on a nice selection of deals whether you’re planning to buy or lease. While the Civic doesn’t offer any rebates, strong residual values can often help make it a good Car to lease.

Offers listed here are available nationally through SEPTEMBER 7, 2021. This page is updated monthly with the latest incentives, so be sure to check back for new information.



The 2021 Honda Civic Sedan continues with a 36-month promotional offer on its 2.0 LX trim. This lease runs $169 per month with $2,999 due at signing (10,000 miles per year). With an effective monthly cost of $252, this is a good value relative to its MSRP.

The 2021 Civic Hatchback 1.5T LX’s 36-month lease remains too. It runs $179 per month with $2,999 due at signing. With an effective monthly cost of $262, this is a good offer relative to its MSRP.

There are also promotional leases on the 2022 Civic, including a 36-month lease on a Civic LX Sedan that runs $199 per month with $2,999 at signing. Its effective cost is $282, which isn’t a good value relative to its MSRP.

You may find the better-equipped 2022 Civic Sport a better deal because it has a higher residual value. It’s $209 per month with $2,899 at signing, which equates to an effective monthly cost of $287.



The 2021 Honda Civic continues with an unadvertised dealer cash incentive worth up to $500 off. This offer is available on the sedan only and is combinable with the low APR offers below.

There are no rebates or dealer cash incentives on the 2022 Civic.



The 2021 Civic’s APR offers range from 1.9% APR for 60 months to 2.9% APR for 72 months. Buyers can stack these offers with the $500 incentive above.

The 2022 Civic gets all-new financing offers this month that start from 1,9% APR for 48 months and top out at 2.9% APR for 60 months.

While competing brands sometimes offer 84-month financing at low rates, Honda’s offers tend to be relatively conservative.