Customers Continue to Go Through It With Carvana

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Oh, Carvana. When will you learn that customers just want the titles to their cars? Maybe they’re getting lost in everything else that’s been going on with the company this year — who knows? But as Atlanta local news WSB-TV reports, many customers either still don’t have the title to their vehicle, or are going through a hassle trying to get it.

WSB’s investigative reporter Justin Gray spoke with several Carvana customers. They had good things to say about the purchasing experience, noting that it was easy to buy their cars online. As it should be. The problem came when they tried to acquire the titles to their cars, leaving some in what’s described as a “legal and financial” mess.

One Carvana customer, Richard Stanford, bought his car but then waited months and months for the title to come in the mail. One day, he thought he had finally received it, as a FedEx package came for him. Instead, it was a letter saying that the company no longer had the title. So he decided to return the car to Carvana and get his original trade-in back.


“So I gave them a call, said I don’t want it, come pick it up and give me my truck back. OK, no problem,” Stanford said to WSB-TV. But this started even more problems. Carvana told Stanford that the tile to his trade-in would be sent to him in a few days. He never received the title. Georgia’s Department of Driver Services informed him that someone in Arizona had applied for his vehicle’s title.

Another customer named Jessaca Metz in Pennsylvania never received the title for her Ford Fusion. Because of this, the car had to be parked for over a year. “It’s been a runaround. It’s been a disaster since I started dealing with them,” Metz told WSB. She said she kept getting excuses from the company. What’s worse is the Pennsylvania town she lives in is strict with its car registration laws. It’s illegal for a vehicle to even be parked in a driveway if it’s not registered.


While many of Carvana’s customer problems surround registration problems, there’s other bullshit going on. Consumer complaint sites are filled with customers detailing their problems with the company. One site called currently has Carvana sitting at a 1.8 out of 5 with 360 reviews of the company.

For the most part though, if you’ve followed our extensive coverage of Carvana, all we can say at this point is that if you do decide to buy a vehicle from them: good luck.

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