Buying a Car: 6 Extras Worth Paying For

Ceramic paint coating creates a rock-hard transparent film that prevents chips and repels water. For many drivers, it’s an investment that can pay for itself in the long run.

“One of the best products to purchase when buying a new vehicle is paint protection,” said automotive expert Lauren Fix of Car Coach Reports. “Paint protection is a ceramic coating that protects your paint and adds to resale value. This is good for most vehicle purchases — the daily driver or a weekend toy can benefit by keeping the color bright and shiny. In addition, it protects the paint from sun damage, acid rain, insect stains, road debris and other road damage.”

Fix added that paint protection film is particularly important for high-value cars and for anyone who plans to keep their vehicle for a long time.

“It does increase resale value and your paint’s life,” she said.

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