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» Ex-surfing world champ Tom Carroll

Advertisement Advertisement HomeHealth & WellbeingEx-surfing world champ Tom Carroll 21 hours ago / 21:28 Ed Phillips Tom Carroll Physiotherapist Tim Dettmann and ex-surfing world champion Tom Carroll joined Ed on Better Living.Download this podcast here Ed Phillips Health & Wellbeing Advertisement Tweets Related Articles What happens if your partner hates Christmas?

Just because the world is broken doesn’t mean we’re broken – St George News

The proof in the pudding can be seen in how many people tend to frame expressions of their worldview in terms of who or what they’re against rather than what they stand for.So many people have been locked into a negative and pessimistic mindset for so much of their lives that they honestly cannot imagine reality looking any different.

» A look inside the World Series revolution

Sporting legend and member of the Australian Football Hall of Fame, Austin Robertson, joined the team at lunch to talk about this new book Cricket Outlaws: Inside Kerry Packer’s World Series Revolution.“It is the first time the story has been told from the inside,” Austin said.