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Guide to the Marketing Lead Lifecycle Stages

Next week we’ll be touching on exactly how to determine whether a lead is qualified but first it’s necessary to understand the different lifecycle stages of a lead.The lead lifecycle defines where a lead can live, how a lead moves along and what we do with a lead at each stage.

Buyer's Journey vs. Customer Lifecycle: What's the Difference?

One trip-up we've noticed is the difference between two separate marketing and sales concepts: the buyer's journey and the customer lifecycle.The sheer variation on these terms can get confusing fast: "buyer's lifecycle," "customer journey," "buyer lifecycle journey," "customer sales funnel," and the list goes on.

The 6 Basic Emails You Need to Start Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Stages help you organize your database by the stage they are at in your sales cycle: subscriber, lead, marketing qualified lead, sales qualified lead, opportunity, or evangelist.For example, Welcome to (My Company),We are so happy that you're here.