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How to Fix a Slow iPhone

Every year, Apple rolls out a new iPhone, promising a smarter, faster phone.Wouldn’t a new iPhone be great?

» Fashion Fix with Maha Koraiem

Advertisement Advertisement HomeFashion Fix with Maha Koraiem 8 hours ago / 04:50 Clinton Maynard Talking fashion.Download this podcast here Clinton Maynard Advertisement Tweets Popular Articles Full show podcast Sunday 03/12/2017 Dr Ross Walker / 32:31 03/12/2017 / 32:31 Sam Dastyari: whose side is he on?

How to Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems

In general, Bluetooth is backwards compatible: Bluetooth devices supporting the Bluetooth 4.The exceptions are gadgets that use a low-energy version called Bluetooth Smart, which works on a different protocol than older, or "Classic" Bluetooth devices.