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Used Chevrolet Camaro For Sale - Special Offers

The COPO 9561 was a basic Camaro sport coupe stuffed with 427 cubic inches of all-iron big-block making 425 horsepower.The second-generation Camaro's styling was inspired by Ferrari and was also bigger, heavier and no longer available as a convertible.

2017 Chevrolet Camaro V-6 1LE Manual Full Test | Review

When Chevrolet started offering the 1LE performance package for the V-6 Camaro last year, our initial conclusion was that the company had indeed moved the grip-to-grunt ratio too far to the left.What Makes the 1LEThe track-focused Camaro is attractively priced, with the V-6 1LE in its base 1LS trim starting at less than 33 grand—some $5000 cheaper than the least expensive V-8 Camaro SS.