Flying First Class | Sun Country Airlines


Affordable First Class Service

Travel in comfort and experience Sun Country’s affordable First Class service onboard the plane. First Class travelers can:

  • Check their first two bags for free (bags also receive priority delivery to baggage claim)
  • Experience faster check-in lines, shorter security lines, and priority boarding
  • Enjoy personalized and exceptional onboard service
  • Relax with spacious First Class seating and added leg room
  • Savor freshly prepared hot meals or a filling snack
  • Toast to a great trip with a selection of complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Relax with a movie, TV show, and more with complimentary use of a Sun Country Digital Entertainment Device
  • Earn 10 points per $1 spent if a Ufly Rewards member
  • Earn 2 points per $1 spent using a Sun Country Airlines® Visa®

Ways To Book First Class Service

Purchase at time of booking to guarantee First Class service

Lock in an exceptional First Class experience, guarantee spacious First Class seating, and enjoy all the additional benefits listed above by selecting affordable Sun Country First Class service during the booking process.

Flying First Class | Sun Country Airlines

Book First Class Today

Upgrade prior to departure if First Class seating is available

Travelers who have already purchased a Coach Class ticket can upgrade to a First Class ticket for the same flight and same day as originally purchased, if First Class seating is available. Pricing for upgrades and the process on how to upgrade varies based on the number of hours prior to departure. If upgrading:

  • 25 hours or more prior to departure, please call Reservations. The cost to upgrade is the difference between the originally purchased Coach Class ticket and the cost of the First Class ticket at the time of upgrading.
  • 1-24 hours prior to departure for flights within the U.S., travelers can upgrade* (the cost to upgrade varies by destination):
    • During the online check-in process
    • Via the Sun Country Airlines mobile app
    • At the ticket counter
    • By calling Reservations
  • 2 hours prior to departure for flights to/from Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean, travelers can upgrade at the airport ticket counter upon check-in. The cost to upgrade varies by destination.

*Please note: For flights within the U.S., any pre-paid baggage or seat fees will be deducted from the total cost of the upgrade when checking in online or by calling Reservations. The pre-paid baggage or seat fee credit does not apply when upgrading to First Class at the airport.

Good To Know

  • Full meal service is available on flights departing before 8pm; snack selections or Flight Bites are available in lieu of a full meal on later departures and on flights under 2.5 hours.
  • All First Class passengers are subject to the normal $75 fee for any bag that is overweight or oversize (including their first two bags) and the $75 excess baggage fee for each additional bag.
  • Sun Country Digital Entertainment Devices are available on select flights longer than two hours.