Gloria Allred Asks Senate to Hold Roy Moore Hearings

Lawyer Gloria Allred said Tuesday that she has asked the Senate to hold hearings on the sexual-assault allegations lodged by her client against Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore.

"She's willing," Allred, who represents Beverly Young Nelson, told Erin Burnett on CNN in an interview.

"In fact, she asked to be able to testify under oath — to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God."

Allred said that she has written the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Ethics Committee requesting the hearing be held within two weeks.

The special election to fill the Senate seat is Dec. 12.

Young accused Moore on Monday of assaulting her behind the restaurant where she worked in Gadsden when she was 16. He was 32.

She is the fifth woman to come forward to lodge sexual-assault allegations against Moore.

Moore, a former Alabama Supreme Court judge, has said the accusations are false.

"She will voluntarily testify," Allred told Burnett of her client. "She doesn't need to be subpoenaed, but they should subpoena Roy Moore.

"If he wants to deny it, let him deny it under oath, and let's see it.

"Let's see the cross-examination of him, unless, of course, he wishes to take the Fifth Amendment — in which case, we'll all have some feelings about that as well, I'm sure."

Moore has slammed Allred on Twitter, and his wife, Kayla Moore, has ripped the attorney on Facebook.

Allred told Burnett that the personal attacks "usually mean they don't have a good argument about what we have stated.

"They're trying to change the subject from my very brave client."

Allred added that she and Nelson were looking forward to testifying before the Senate.

"Let's see if the Senate is going to schedule it or not," she said. "She would like to be able to say it under oath — and she's willing to be cross-examined."

Allred noted that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky "appears to be concerned.

"Just schedule a hearing — and let's have it on."

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