Website Screen Assist

Our Screen Assist feature is a built-in website screen reader that reads out loud the different features and options for the desktop version of this website.  

For best results and support, we recommend using one of the following desktop browsers when using this feature: Chrome, IE, FireFox, Safari 

When accessing this website from a mobile phone or tablet, we recommend using the built-in accessibility features that come with your device.

You can use the control switch at the bottom right corner of the webpage to activate or turn off Screen Assist at any time, or you can use the following keyboard commands:

Screen Assist Shortcuts

Screen Assist On:
  • Hold Ctrl + Spacebar key on keyboard
Screen Assist Off:
  • Esc key on keyboard


With Screen Assist turned On:

  • When using the "Tab" key to select different sections of our website, the screen reader will speak and announce the different options out loud. Simply hit the "Enter" key to make a selection.  
  • You can also use the "Mouse" to hover over each element on the website as desired. The screen reader will speak out loud and announce the different options as you move the "Mouse" around the screen.
  • You can also use the "Mouse" to highlight any text that you want to be read out loud.


  • If Screen Assist is not working, try deactivating your pop-up blocker. Some browser extensions and browser add-ons may prevent Screen Assist functionality from loading.
  • If you are using Screen Assist or another screen reader/auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please call (877) 637-4937 for assistance.